Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Meet Aaron Downey, The Red Wings Most Popular Player

Aaron Downey played less than four minutes Tuesday in the Red Wings’ 5-0 victory over St. Louis. He played less than five minutes during his previous appearance with the Red Wings earlier in the season against Dallas.
Downey was involved in a fight both times. The one Tuesday, with the Blues’ Cam Janssen, was particularly epic. It was a great fight, both players landing several blows before punching themselves out.
And it’s all anybody was talking about afterward.
As successful as the Red Wings are, and as skilled as their players may be, fighting is missed in this town.
It’s not logical, but Joe Kocur, Bob Probert and Darren McCarty probably rank among the top dozen most popular players in Red Wings history because of their ability and willingness to fight. Downey is as popular as any Red Wings player.
I have heard from a lot of Red Wing fans, from the very start of the season, about how they want Downey on the team. Doesn’t matter if the Red Wings aren’t really getting pounded by other teams physically. Or if Downey is very limited as a player - particularly in the context of the Red Wings and their superior skill.
It leads to a debate: Should the Red Wings strictly try to win hockey games, or should they give their fans what they want, which is Downey and more fighting?
The hockey purist in me says leave him in the minors, but there is no denying the obvious buzz it brings every time Downey is recalled from Grand Rapids.

Random Thoughts

- Sorry. Just don’t see how any outing during which Dontrelle Willis walked three hitters in three innings can be viewed as that much of a positive. He had one good inning. Not something to get carried away about.

- Antonio McDyess has been the key to the Pistons improved play lately. Can you imagine if they hadn’t gotten him back from the Nuggets after the Chauncey Billups deal. I thought the Pistons would have been better off without McDyess and going with their youngsters. I couldn’t have been more wrong.



Blogger maddog52 said...

hell I think McDyess is the only player who has actually put fourth any type of effort consistantly. I think another key factor for the pistons is that Michael Curry are playing the right guys off the bench. Earlier in the season when we had some flashes of getting on the rigth page. Walter Hermann, Will Bynum, Afflalo, Maxiell were getting some play. Then all of a sudden they stopped playing them. The last five games the rotation has been solid thus solid play. I don't think it is a conicidence.

I like Aaron Downey, but I don't think he is the key to our success. We have enough skill on this team we don't need a butt kicker. To me the key guy for our playoff run is Holmstrom. I think he is so under rated and brings so much with his play in front of the net etc..

I tell you the guy I am tired of is Robertson. I think it is obvious he is not the 5th starter and dave dombrowski made a huge blunder signing him to that extension. Same said about Willis.

7:54 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I agree with you about the use of the bench. Hermann won the Boston game for them and played well at the beginning of the season. That outing the other day was not a good sign Robertson.

8:49 PM 

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