Friday, February 27, 2009

Rasheed Wallace's Legacy: Hero Or Goat?

I wonder what Rasheed Wallace’s ultimate legacy is going to be in Detroit?
Will he be looked back upon fondly because of the 2004 NBA championship season and the subsequent salad days? Or will he be remembered mostly for his technical fouls and emotional outbursts?
I have always liked Wallace’s game. He shares the ball. He is a good post defender. He is capable of scoring inside or out.
Like most, I think it would behoove the Pistons if he played more in the low post and spotted up less for 3-point shots. Yet, it isn’t the worst thing in the world to have a 6-11 player who can shoot like that from the outside. It definitely stretches defenses.
To say he is a player without good character isn’t true. He has played well in some big games. There are many aspects about Wallace that are team-oriented.
It’s just that the technical foul act went stale a long time ago. And his apparent indifference to coaching sometimes has been bothersome.

Random Thoughts

- Just the fact Joel Zumaya has already pitched in an exhibition game for the Tigers is a good sign. The fact he pitched reasonably well is an even better one. Dontrelle Willis did not pitch well Friday, although he was not helped by a key error behind him. Willis retired just three of the nine hitters he faced and threw 43 pitches. It was not, to say the least, a good sign. The problems with Willis appear to be deeply-rooted - along the lines of Steve Blass and Rick Ainkiel.

- It’s amazing how much pressure the Feds keep putting on Barry Bonds’ former personal trainer Greg Anderson - and how he still refuses to talk. What he knows likely holds the key to jail time for Bonds. What he isn’t saying will likely land Anderson back in jail for contempt of court. He previously spent a year in jail because he refused to testify against Bonds. I wish Anderson would come clean about Bonds. It would clear up a lot of matters about what Bonds did or didn’t do involving performance enhancing substances.



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