Monday, February 09, 2009

Stoudemire Deal Might Not Make Sense (Or Cents)

It’s not that I don’t think Amare Stoudemire is a really good player. Obviously, he is. But it doesn’t seem to me as if he would necessarily solve the Pistons’ problems.
He is a big, powerful player who runs well in the open court, but he is not an exceptional off the ball defender at the rim nor post presence, which is what the Pistons really need. He has had knee problems, and his attitude has been less than stellar.
If this were prior to his knee injury, or before his attitude soured, the Suns wouldn’t even consider giving him up.
Would I trade Rasheed Wallace even up for Stoudemire? Not sure. Wallace’s expiring contract means a lot to the Pistons. They would be on the hook with Stoudemire at $15 million next season. Tayshaun Prince’s name has been speculated, but Prince’s role is a defensive one for the Pistons. Richard Hamilton would have to guard Joe Johnson, LeBron James and Paul Pierce in the playoffs. He is a good defender, but Prince is better. Rodney Stuckey is a building block for the Pistons future at a relatively inexpensive price and perhaps Joe Dumars’ best draft pick ever. Doubt he will part with him.
In the past, Dumars has had his best success seeing something special in players like Hamilton and Chauncey Billups others didn’t - and being right. That’s more the type of move he should be looking to make now to shore up the Pistons rather than taking a costly shot at Amare Stoudemire.
Random Thoughts

- This much I know: If Michigan beats Michigan State Tuesday and finishes .500 or better in the Big Ten, it will make the NCAA tournament. And the Wolverines would deserve it. They have remarkable strides in John Beilein’s second year as coach. Michigan played a very good game over the weekend at Connecticut.

- Don’t be surprised if, as the NFL combine nears, Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji’s name does emerge as more of a possibility for the Lions at No.1 overall. He’s 6-4, 335 pounds and they are looking for gap control defensively more than anything else. Raji was the most impressive player at the Senior Bowl.



Blogger maddog52 said...

I wouldn't mind the Amare trade. I think the pistons have been beating them selves for the most part. I mean look at all the stupid turnovers they make. Phoenix gave them every chance to win that game. Curry has to be more consistent as well. Kwame Brown looked like a lost sole in that game. I understand he is a big body for Shaq, but at the same time I think u have to let Amir Johnson take his bumps.

I tell u a deal I would look at if possible. I'd do a AI and Sheed to toronto (Note I know this probably won't happen) for Bosh and maybe O'Neal. The deal would work with money. You get bosh and a chance to sign him long term. You get O'neal with a big expiring contract in return. And toronto who won't even make the playoffs gets two expiring contracts.

B.J. Raji would be a nice fill for the lions. Really my mind that can't go wrong no matter who they take. The rumorso of that kansas St. QB with the 20th pick is insane. To me we aren't going to be very good this year. We will have a decent enough pick next year to where we can address the QB situation then. My mind I think we should cut Kitna and go with Culpepper, resigned Dan orlovsky and stanton as your QBs. Build the ship then find your captain to sail it. Know what i mean.

A-Rod... Big deal.. at this point the question should be who hasn't done roids. They should create a wing in the hall towards the darkest corner. Put a big logo at the entrance of a juiced up baseball and put the shamefuls their. Cause there is plenty. I due think A-Rod will get in though. Based on his numbers prior to 01-03 and his numbers afterwards.

10:02 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

I think the Pistons need to tighen up defensively more than anything else. Not sure if Amare does that.
Very much agree with you about A-Rod. It's more a case of who hasn't done it. Makes Hall of Fame voting a lot more difficult than it used to be.

7:51 PM 

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