Sunday, February 01, 2015

Thoughts halftime Super Bowl Patriots vs. Seahawks

- Chris Matthews? Who is that? The political commentator on MSNBC? Lucky No.13 for the Seahawks. Biggest plays of the game so far, and from a player nobody thought about before this game, at least as a receiver. He did recover the key onside kick vs. Packers in NFC championship game. Guess he's a big-game player. Matthews is on the brink of becoming the most improbable Super Bowl hero in Super Bowl history. Unreal gamble by Pete Carroll to go for a TD in that spot.
- Rob Gronkowski on a linebacker is a mismatch for the ages. That late TD by New England was like stealing candy from a baby for Tom Brady.
- Until the catch by Matthews and the subsequent TD by Marshawn Lynch, the story of the game had been the Patriots' defense. It's better than has been given credit.
- Love Cliff Avril. Great guy and very good player. But Lions' fans have seen that offsides routine many times before.
- You have to give Russell Wilson credit. He has displayed the ability to fight back from adversity. Is he a great runner or what?Nice way to close an otherwise difficult half for the Seahawks' QB.
- Brady getting picked off in the red zone of the Super Bowl just looked weird. Certainly, it wasn't a play on which he lived up to his considerable reputation. He looked like he simply ducked and chucked the football. Not typical at all. He made up for it with that shot into Brandon LaFell for a touchdown and the strike to Gronkowski to close the half.
 Still, you can see where Brady and the Patriots offense is having trouble with the Seahawks' defense. They aren't alone.
- So the officials blew it by not calling the 15-yard roughing the kicker penalty on the Seahawks in the first half. So what else is new? It wouldn't be the modern day NFL of Roger Goodell without something inexplicable going wrong.

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