Thursday, January 01, 2015

Thoughts halftime Cotton Bowl Baylor vs. MSU

- Connor Cook and his receivers need to be sharper. Bottom line. As good as Baylor is offensively, the Bears are just as bad defensively. The Spartans need to exploit it more.
- Ah, there was so much made about the recruitment of Soutfield's Malik McDowell. He has made some mistakes today, but there is still a good chance he is going to be top football player. Too often, people give up on highly-regarded freshman soon.
- I know the Spartans crowd the line of scrimmage and play press coverage. I know the idea is to throw the ball against that scheme. But come on. Baylor doesn't even try to run. Don't forget, when Oregon and Ohio State scorched the Spartans, Marcus Mariota and J.T. Barrett did considerable damage with their legs. Their running backs did make plays. Such one-dimensional play does give the Spartans a good shot in this game, believe it or not. It's difficult to imagine the Bears running out the clock
- I didn't think the fake field goal was a bad play call by Mark Dantonio considering down and distance, kicker Michael Geiger's struggles and the spot on the field.

My column. Michigan doesn't need Jim Harbaugh to be king, just a great football coach:


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