Thursday, January 01, 2015

Thoughts after 1st quarter Cotton Bowl MSU vs. Baylor

- The most exposed unit for the Spartans this season has been their secondary. They have been tore apart by prolific passing teams and top QBs. Period. The word "stout" doesn't apply in a certain sense.
- The Spartans' offensive line doesn't get enough notice. It's very solid as a unit. And the Spartans ability to run the ball is what sets up the pass. They remain old school in that way. That's what makes this match up so intriguing. Baylor just spreads the field and slings it.
- Jeremy Langford will be missed badly after this season. The Spartans don't have a running back remotely like him in the wings. He fits their offense perfectly. I think he will be s solid NFL back.
- Connor Cook is going to have to win this game with his arm at some point. Also, the Spartans can slow down the Bears by forcing a turnover.

My column. Michigan doesn't need Jim Harbaugh to be king, just a great football coach:


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