Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Expectations should not be high for the Tigers' signing of Tom Gorzelanny

I sense a lot of excitement from Tigers' fans about the signing of Tom Gorzelanny, but  after viewing video of him pitching last September, it should be quelled.
I watched his second to last outing vs. Cincinnati during he was actually pretty effectively, but it was shocking to see what type of pitcher he has become since shoulder surgery. He relied heavily a sloppy slider, mostly thrown at 75 mph or less.  His best fastball, which he was clearly hesitant throw in the strike zone, was 86 mph. Unless Gorzelanny throws considerably better during spring training, he will not make the Tigers' opening day roster.
Tommy John surgery makes recovering from an elbow ailment possible. It takes awhile, but pitchers often come back as good as new. Not with shoulder ailments. Unless Gorzelanny starts throwing much harder, this is another departure from general manager Dave Dombrowski's usual emphasis on power arms for the bullpen.

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Blogger phill1dt said...

Had a 0.86 ERA last year. That's why the Tigers picked him up.

4:03 AM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, if what you write is true why wasn't this pick up? I don't think Tigers have a lot games to throw away this year in order to figure out what works and what doesn't. The Central is getting better. DD was on the right track a few years ago when they signed Benoit, and they struck gold. I know this is not probably the case, but it looks like they are just throwing money at the situation instead of getting guys that are get guarantee outs in the late innings. Those guys are few between but they do stick out like a sore thumb. This is too bad because this is stopping DD from being the best GM in baseball. The trade for Green was brilliant.

7:03 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

Yes, Pat, the last couple of trades (not including Cespedes) have been strange - almost as though the front office is just looking to do some paperwork to keep busy.

On a different note - have you heard anything about Jose Iglasias? Are his legs healed? Or is it all still speculation at SS?

12:38 AM 
Anonymous ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 said...

almost as though the front office is just looking to do some paperwork to keep busy.

5:36 AM 

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