Sunday, January 04, 2015

Thoughts after first quarter Lions, Cowboys

- Few expects picked the Lions to win this game, and in a sense, they have nothing to lose because of it. Conversely, the Cowboys have faltered so much in the postseason in recent years there is tremendous pressure on them. The running into the punter penalty obviously helped the Lions, but they are playing much more loose than the Cowboys, who look uptight and overwhelmed by the moment. The 14-play, 99-yard drive was classic.
- Reggie Bush is healthy and indoors on field turf. The circumstances set up perfectly for him.
- Matthew Stafford got the ball to Golden Tate in a hurry on the TD pass. That was a classic fastball thrown perfectly. Also, he moved around to buy more time. He is a better QB inside than outdoors. Forwhatever reason, he plays well against the Cowboys. Tremendous job breaking the tackle on the scramble by Stafford, as well. He had big first quarter, but consistency has been an issue...
- The Lions have not hesitated to blitz Tony Romo. Good idea. They are going to have to stack the line to stop the Cowboys' running attack anyway. Romo has a long history of not showing up in big games. Why not make him show up in this one? It also keeps the Cowboys offensive line thinking. Get the lead, force the Cowboys to be one-dimensional with the pass and Romo should become a turnover about to happen.

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