Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Bears

- The Lions need to be careful in this game the same the Eagles needed to be, but weren't yesterday against the Redskins. The Lions can't let the Bears hang around. The sooner they take care of this the better. The drive at the end of the quarter wasn't good.
- Outdoors, on grass in December, I have to admit I was wondering why the Lions are relying so much on Reggie Bush today. But evidently, the coaching staff knew something. That was a brilliant catch-and-run on fourth-and-five and changed the course of this game. It was a terrific TD run, too. Looks like Bush still has plenty left in the tank and whatever issue he was having were strictly in regard to health.

My column. If flattery gets Michigan nowhere, there better be a Plan B to Jim Harbaugh:


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