Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thoughts halftime Lions, Cardinals

- Turnovers are the great equalizer. Without them, the Lions are getting crushed in this game. As is, they may setup for another comeback.
- It was an inexcusable drop by Calvin Johnson. A waste of a brilliant play by Matthew Stafford, who did a tremendous job of escaping the rush. It was remindful of late last season when Megatron's drops were so costly.
- The Lions need to step up the tempo of their offense. In the NFL, they call it playing fast. The Lions have been too slow getting in and out of the huddle. There is little zip. They have to come up with some quick-hitting plays to make the Cardinals pay for their aggressiveness. It might be wise to mix in the no-huddle offense more.
- The Lions' vaunted front four has been decidedly mediocre so far today. They aren't helping out the secondary at all. Drew Stanton has had plenty of time to throw the ball. His turnover issues have been strictly self-inflicted.
- The more of Joique Bell, the better for the Lions. He has emerged as a very good NFL running back, as long as he keeps hanging on the ball, which had been the problem. Bell has become the definition of hard-running back.
- That was a garbage pass interference call on Eric Ebron. Antonio Cromartie was equally responsible for the contact on that play. It would have been a key first down.

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