Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why I think the trade for Anthony Gose is a good one for the Tigers

Anthony Gose
The trade the Tigers made late Wednesday night for center fielder Anthony Gose was a good one. He is a plus center fielder defensively and an outstanding base runner. Gose is a left-handed hitter ,who has been a weak stick in the MLB so far, but there is room to grow. He is barely 24. It's a start in the right direction for the Tigers to improve defensively in the outfield. I don't see him as a 4-
A player, but a legitimate major leaguer.
Travis was named as the Tigers' top prospect earlier in the day by Baseball America, but that is a bit  of a reach. Stephen Moya should have been No. 1. He is a second baseman, despite the Tigers' recent moving him to center field. He is undersized in regard to height, but does have an upside, which includes surprising power.
Gose is not much older than Travis. Less than a half year. He is far more MLB ready and probably has a higher ceiling.

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Blogger Barry said...

Pat, resigning VMart and trading for Gose shows they are still trying to make the run to the WS in 2015. Vmart's bat was greatly needed. I question the no trade clause though. According to Jays fans, Tigers overpay for Gose. He is a legit CF and good defensive replacement that we need. He is our best OF. Travis has two things going for him is he can hit and steal a lot of bases with average speed so he must have something between the ears. I question the trade because he spend a lot of ammo and he doesn't have much left. The main reason didn't advance was due to the bullpen. He needs to do what is left over with the payroll and get a stud reliever that can pitch two innings at a time. I would take a reliever over another bat if I have to choose.

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