Sunday, November 09, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Dolphins, Lions

- The Lions defense looks terrific so far. Finally, some real actual plays made by Ndamukong Suh, who played brilliantly on the Lions' first two series this afternoon. That is exactly how he played as a rookie, and has seldom since. Ziggy Ansah looks refreshed and quick after the bye week. Dolphins' QB Ryan Tannehill hasn't had much chance this afternoon, even though he has excellent mobility.
Calvin Johnson
- I have no idea why, with it third down deep in the red zone, the Lions decided to run the football. It would have seemed like the ideal time to throw the football, especially since it appeared Calvin Johnson was single-covered by Miami cornerback Cortland Finnegan. At least Matt Prater made the field goal. Everybody was holding their breath. though. But the Lions more than made for it, with the deep touchdown pass to Megatron on the next series. We haven't seen that much from him the last calendar year. Perhaps he is finally healthy.
-There was much anticipation for the return of Johnson today, but Reggie Bush had more immediate impact until he went down with another injury. Bush's lateral quickness was outstanding before he was injured. There is little question whether he is still a still a top running back in the NFL, if he can stay healthy. That's becoming more of an "if" lately.
- Loved the fake punt, not only the timing of the play, but its concept. It was very well designed, and obviously took advantage of hole in the Dolphins' punt return scheme.

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