Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Cardinals

- The Lions' defense looks terrible today. It points out the issue of getting ahead of yourself about this team. But having said that, the Lions, while not as good they appeared to the many people jumping on their bandwagon after the win over the Dolphins, aren't as bad they have appeared so far today.
- The underrated aspect about the Cardinals, which we've seen already today, is the diversity of their weapons. They can turn to many different directions to gash a defense. But they are all in the passing game. They simply don't run the ball that well. There could be a point in this game the Lions take advantage of it because the Cardinals don't exactly have the type of team that can run out the clock. Also, Drew Stanton, as good as he looks so far, is prone to interceptions. He thrown nearly as many interceptions as touchdown passes in his career. Game is not over yet.
- Does every field goal attempt by the Lions have to be an adventure? It's good Matt Prater made a 50-yard field goal. but....
- The biggest myth about the Lions is they are more disciplined. Way too many penalties.

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