Sunday, November 09, 2014

Thoughts halftime Dolphins, Lions

Brent Grimes made a terrific play with the diving, one-hand interception in the end zone. However, the ball was underthrown by Lions' QB Matthew Stafford. With a little more trajectory, and aimed more for the far corner of the end zone instead of front, and Calvin Johnson would have had his second TD of this game. He had Grimes beat by a half-step and was in perfect position as a 6-5 receiver going against a 5-10 cornerback.
Grimes vs. Johnson

- Enough fake punts. Come on. The worst time thing to do is turn around and do it again. A punt return unit is going to be most on high alert after it was burned. The second fake allowed the Dolphins to essentially flip the field. A good punt there, and the Lions' defense, which was playing especially well at the time, would have had the Dolphins pinned deep in their own end. Instead, it gave Miami much-welcomed breathing room. The Lions got the interception there by James Ihedigbo, but the outcome will usually turn out worse in that circumstance.
- I know Joique Bell has had trouble handing onto the ball sometimes, but he easily the Lions' most effective pure runner these days. He is very difficult to bring down, and I do wonder what he would do with 15-to-20 carries per game.
- How about Ndamukong Suh just tackles Miami QB Ryan Tannehill there rather than grab his facemask. It was bad judgment, and very costly for the Lions. Suh put himself into position to make a play, and not only didn't make it, but made took a costly penalty in the process.

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