Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thoughts halftime Indiana, Michigan

- I can't remember a quarterback quite like Devin Gardner, in which the turnover card just comes out so suddenly, and without fail, at least once a game. I mean, right in the other team's hands type of throws or some bizarre sort of fumble. Gardner did it again today, and for a probable Pick 6, except Indiana's defensive back dropped the ball. Then he did it again just before the end of the half, setting up an easy field goal attempt Indiana missed.
- It may fall under the category of "too little, too late" but there has been noticeable improvement from wide receiver Amara Darboh.
- Good for Joe Bolden getting a sack. He's a very good football player and he should not only be defined for the "stake" incident last week at Michigan State
- It's homecoming, perhaps that's why Michigan Stadium is more full than you might expect. The final home game vs. Maryland later this month will provide a much bigger challenge attendance-wise.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually you don't have to look that far back to find one Demetrius Brown threw like 16 picks in 12 games in 1987 before losing his job to the less talented Michael Taylor.

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