Sunday, October 26, 2014

My thoughts and column on the Lions' 22-21 victory over Atlanta Sunday

My column. Why the glass is now half full for Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions:

My column on Michigan/MSU - Michigan not only punching bag, but punch line for Mark Dantonio and MSU football:


Blogger Fred Brill said...

Hey Book,
I never thought I would say this – but these Lions only need one more piece to move up to a Championship caliber team – no kool-ade required!
The offensive woes (the ones that management can control) all stem from that offensive line. They need to keep that backfield clear or clearer than it is. Maybe this is only one guy – maybe two – but if that backfield gets controlled then watch this offense take off with running threats where the backs have room to maneuver and even get outside, not to mention the extra second or two or five Stafford would gain passing in that pocket.
That’s the one piece missing, if everything else stays constant. Get / replace that one piece and this machine will work better than we have ever seen in our lifetime.
All the other parts … son of a gun … check your inventory – they are all in place.

1:00 PM 

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