Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thoughts after 3 quarters Lions, Saints

- The Lions finally put together drive by mixing their plays up better and taking a shot or two little deeper. They also relied a bit on Joique Bell. Today, that's a good thing. He is running well.
- If you give Drew Brees and inch, he is going to take a mile. His 46-yard TD pass to Kenny Stills was a classic example. He had a guy open. He didn't miss. Also, you saw his brilliance when the Lions had the Saints pinned back to their own one after a punt, and Brees immediately fired a pass to Marques Colston for a first down. Even Lions' fans have to admire his brilliance in a way today. It's almost like a privilege to watch the guy play. He is that good. Or should we say great. He has the Saints on the move again.
- Can you image this game coming down a field goal attempt by Matt Prater? Never mind.

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