Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thoughts halftime Michigan, MSU

This very much appears to be a replay offensively for Michigan of its last couple visits to Spartan Stadium. The Wolverines just can't do anything offensively. Simply put, the Wolverines' offensive line is terrible. Devin Gardner and UM's running backs don't have a chance. If it weren't for a missed field goal, Connor Cook missing a wide open receiver, Aaron Burbridge, for an apparent touchdown and a fumble by Spartans' tight end Josiah Price, the rout would be on. As is, it is still 14-3, but only because the Spartans are shooting themselves in the foot. The Spartans should, honestly, be winning this game by three or four touchdowns. More utter embarrassment for Michigan football.
 - How can Michigan's defense allow a 5-8 (and that's being generous) 196-pound running back move the pile five yards like Nick Hill did early in the second quarter?
- If Michigan's secondary isn't the worst in the nation at playing the ball while it is in the air, it is close. The play in which cornerback Jordan Lewis was flagged for pass interference, after giving up a long gain anyway, was especially telling.


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