Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Michigan, MSU

- It's still a game, but probably shouldn't be. The missed field goal try into the wind by MSU kicker Michael Geiger is the reason. The Spartans simply look like the better team in every way.
- If there is one play that sums up the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry these days it is Spartans' quarterback Connor Cook just plowing over Wolverines' defensive back Delano Hill, and then Hill getting a penalty for taking a shot at Cook after the play. The Spartans are exceptionally tough football team, the Wolverines extremely soft in comparison. It's been both mentally and physically, and for awhile, too.
- I do like Michigan's basic strategy defensively. It is to try to take the run away from MSU, and force Cook at to beat them throwing the ball. It's the Wolverines' only chance. Not that it's a good one because the Spartans throw the ball well. And MSU is still running the ball relatively effectively. The passes have loosened up the Spartans' running attack.
- I understand doing everything possible to take away helmet-to-helmet hits, but I did feel bad for MSU freshman Chris Frey. It wasn't intentional, it didn't seem that damaging, and yet he was thrown out of the game. Guess it is better to err on the side of caution.


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