Thursday, October 02, 2014

My thoughts and column on the Tigers' 12-3 Game 1 ALDS loss to Baltimore


Blogger Fred Brill said...

Yup, that really stunk.

This one I put more on Ausmus for some bad decisions:

Playing Davis - or keeping him in after you saw how hindered he was. Another day rest would have done him much better than playing.

Putting hit and run on with Kinsler when Hunter was up - when Hunter hasn't been hot enough to warrant a successful result and Cabrera coming up next.

Replacing Chamberlain with Coke

That's just the few I can remember.

How fitting it was Miller who sealed the deal.

And I think you might have been just a tad too harsh on Romine - although it was a pretty sad error that closed the door. He is better than a AAA player. Even if better means he's a 4A player.

But I do agree with you in general - that really did suck.

11:03 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I totally agree with your comment about the game and Orioles bullpen. Tigers made three major mistakes was Brad putting Davis in the line-up, Alex hitting lower in the line-up instead of back of the bus and Kinsler had a tough game. Brad has to learn his players better when someone says yes they really mean no. Davis and I know Carrera
he is a much better player than scouting staff has given credit for. Kinsler has to learn that you can win tomorrow game while playing today game. Hunter was out there for 20 pitches and counting. He had the speed to get to first maybe? That way Hunter and Miggy can to take an extra look at Hunter and maybe he wouldn't ready for today game. The best things Tigers can do today is chase the starter. The Latinos may not be perfect but I love their spirit.

12:02 PM 

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