Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thoughts after 7 innings Tigers, Orioles Game 1 ALDS

- It's taken a long time for Andrew Miller to find his stride, but the former Tigers' No. 1 draft pick obviously isn't the same roll-of-the-dice entity he has been throughout most of his career. Miller has always had a terrific arm and a lot of tilt on his slider, but he has been one of the classic cases of taller pitchers who have struggled with their mechanics and, therefore, his command of the baseball. No anymore. He displayed terrific command tonight.
- Baltimore manager Buck Showalter had the advantage of being able to match up hitter against hitter with his bullpen much more than the Tigers' Brad Ausmus. Darren O' Day, so tough on right-handed hitters, is an example.
- A mixed bag on the Mac Scherzer start tonight. He did keep the Tigers in the game, but a base was open when Nelson Cruz homered. The Orioles go-ahead run came off a bloop hit. Scherzer was outstanding after that until the home run allowed to J.J. Hardy.
- I think Hardy is one of the most underrated players in MLB. He is a great fielder and has power from the shortstop position, which has become rare these days.


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