Monday, August 11, 2014

Why the Tigers should genuinely be concerned about the Royals this time

Most of what ails the Tigers these days is self-imposed. Even given injuries to Joakim Soria and Anibal Sanchez, they can, and should, play better.
Salvador Perez (L) & Greg Holland (R)
But the Kansas City Royals, who usually blink when it counts the most, are more formidable this time.
The reason why is because what the Tigers don't do well, the Royals do very well.
Two factors stand out:
The bullpens: Kansas City has the fourth-best bullpen in the AL with a 3.21 ERA. The Tigers are 12th at 4.38. This is not a fluke. The Royals, whose starting rotation is better this year, had the best bullpen in the AL last year. The gap is even greater when closer is considered. The Royals' Greg Holland has a 1.77 ERA, is striking out 13.6 hitters per nine innings and has a WHIP below one. It is a million miles away from what the Tigers have at closer with Joe Nathan struggling and Soria ailing.
Defense: The Royals have three Gold Glove winners in catcher Salvador Perez, left fielder Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer, and they are just better defensively all around. Fielding is baseball's most constant factor.

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Blogger Fred Brill said...

While the Tiger's bullpen has been consistently bad all year - yesterday's loss isn't as much a bullpen issue as their lack of offense. That bullpen - once past Coke and Albuquerque - held the Blue Jays to zeros until the 19th - and you can't blame Porcello for stepping into the unusual role.

But you have to blame Tigers' hitting for not being able to force a run across the plate with numerous chances.

And you have to blame Ausmus for dumbly getting tossed on balls and strikes chirping when the calls were going bad both ways - the ump liked the outside pitches for both sides.

This team goes hot and cold, Book - like a patio BBQ in an Ontario February. I don't know why - but their lights turn off. Then they turn back on again. It's maddening!

And yes - I agree - KC could very well just zip right by the Tigers - and since their lights are off, they won't even see KC do it.

Let's just see if Price's knee is okay - that line drive that hit him was the game changer. If Price is hurt - let the sirens start to blare.

12:26 PM 
Blogger Barry said...

Well Pat, I do like what the Royals are doing and shorten the game. The Tigers' bullpen in theory wasn't suppose to be this bad. Nathan was suppose an all star and Rondon wasn't suppose require Tommy John. What I don't understand is they could have easily outbid the Orioles for A Miller and they paid so much for Soria. Miller is so good now that he could close for a team. This is where scouting easily trumps stats any day. Soria will throw lots of juicy ones where Miller mistakes are at the knees or below. Pitch location never show up in the stats which it should be. Miller has a little bit of Price in him. Tigers playing 55 games in 55 days is not good.

2:22 PM 

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