Saturday, August 09, 2014

Thoughts after 1st quarter Browns, Lions Saturday night

Even though he missed a couple days of practice this week, it didn't take the Lions long to get Eric Ebron into the game. Liked how they had him lined up in the backfield on his first play, and in the slot on the second. Oh, he does play on the line like a traditional tight end. In training camp, he has been there. But like Jimmy Graham only played roughly a third of his plays actually as a traditional tight end in '13, you can expect about the same from the Lions with Ebron. Lions' offensive coordinator, Joe Lombardi, of course, came to Detroit from the Saints. Later, they had him split wide, but Ebron ran a drag pattern right into coverage.
Nate Freese: Drilled first FG
- I haven't been impressed with I've seen from seventh-round draft pick kicker Nate Freese during the Lions' off season and training camps, but he drilled that 37-yard field goal with no problems tonight. He also did well in the pre-game warmups as well. Maybe he's one of those "gamers." Certainly, there have been a number of NFL kickers, who couldn't get it done in game situations after looking really good in practice.
- Jeremy Ross, again, showed just what a threat he is in the return game by taking the opening kickoff back to midfield. You can't tell me the Lions can't use that skill from scrimmage, too.
- Yeah. I hear you. We have seen enough of Dan Orlovsky in this town already. The Lions desperately need to keep Matthew Stafford on the field. That much is obvious. It'll be interesting to see what Kellen Moore presents this season.
- A couple unnecessary penalties already for the Lions. Not a good sign.


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