Monday, August 11, 2014

Thoughts after the first inning Tigers, Pirates Monday

Justin Verlander is just awful so far tonight. Maybe there is an injury there. It did look like it with the trainer coming out to mound with Brad Ausmus for a visit. He has walked two hitters. His curveball is flat and lifeless and his velocity is down. It's disappointing, to say the least, especially with the Tigers' current situation in the bullpen. But having written that, it's understood the Tigers are hurting themselves mightily in the field. This team is far below defensively. Actually, it's been brutal so far tonight and since the All Star break.
- I'm not a small ball guy, but I didn't like the way the Tigers approached this game offensively. Ian Kinsler nearly turned that into a big inning with a bunt, but a very good defensive play thwarted him. The Tigers still got a run out of it, but it obviously doesn't mean much tonight.
- You don't see it often where a starting pitcher throws 40 pitches in the first inning like Verlander just did.

How the Tigers can turn their season around. My column:


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I never understood why the Tigers never and year after year
put softball team in the field. Like, they play in a big ballpark why wouldn't you want speed and defense be an important item when evaluating a player. Carrera should be getting more playing time too. The guy should be sitting more is Hunter.

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