Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thoughts after 6 innings Tigers, Pirates Tuesday

- Robbie Ray was fine tonight. Three runs in the first five innings. He missed some bats (five k's). He just walked one. Not a great start - too many extra base hits - but not a bad one, either. He is better using a slider than the awful curveball he displayed during his first stint in the major leagues. It wasn't his fault manager Brad Ausmus made the mistake of keeping Ray in to start the fifth. It wasn't like the Pirates had a slew of left-handed hitters slated to come up.
- The good news for the Tigers is often-slumping catcher Alex Avila has been hitting much better lately. He has had a few key hits on this road trip. The bad news, those have been about half the key hits the Tigers have had on this road trip. They are not going to win often if that is the case.
- The Tigers' bullpen is awful collectively at holding base runners, but Al Alburquerque takes it to an entirely higher. Stealing second base in the sixth was like stealing candy from a baby for the Pirates' speedy Starling Marte.
- The Tigers lack of lack of range was painfully evident on the double by Ike Davis in the sixth inning. That should have been single.


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