Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thoughts after 6 1-2 innings Tigers, Rangers

Drew Smyly
- The baseball reference version has Torii Hunter listed at 1,085 among 1,088 in WAR. J.D. Martinez is one of the hottest hitters in baseball. It doesn't make any sense for Tigers manager Brad Ausmus to pull Martinez out of the lineup for Hunter. Maybe you could work Rajai Davis in center field for awhile. He has made his most MLB appearances in center, but has mostly been a corner OF in recent years and it is a stretch. This tests Ausmus in a certain way. But even if Hunter is healthy right now, the Tigers best lineup currently doesn't include him. It is Davis in left, Austin Jackson in center and J.D. Martinez in right.
- Drew Smyly gets more impressive by the start. His gun reading doesn't mean as much as the tilt he has on his fastball. More than ever, it is on steep downward plan. That tilt is also what makes his breaking ball so impressive.
- I thought it was impressive how Eugenio Suarez hung in there against submarine-style right-hander.


Blogger Barry said...

I would like to see Davis in CF more often, you might as well take advantage of his speed. Looking forward to see Suarez if he can handle the inside pitch?

11:04 PM 

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