Monday, June 16, 2014

Thoughts after 5 innings Royals, Tigers

Verlander: Rough inning
- Justin Verlander is fortunate that inning wasn't worse. Come on. Six hits in an inning while protecting a lead? Ten hits in five innings overall? I have been among those, who has been outspoken about overreactions to Verlander's struggles, but that inning is telling. And it wasn't velocity. His location is awful. It's either off the plate or down the middle. It's why he is getting hammered. Good thing Billy Butler ran the Royals out of that frame.
- Still, the Tigers should be hammering Jason Vargas. He is having a decent season, but is a lefty with mediocre stuff and the Tigers have a lot of good right-handed hitters. Yet, their response to the Royals' big inning was disappointing. They couldn't have been easier on Vargas.
- Hey, people who wanted more fire from Brad Ausmus got it. It has been giving it to ump over balls and strikes. But honestly, that isn't the issue.


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