Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thoughts after 4 innings Tigers, Rangers

Colby Lewis
- The Tigers should be winning this game on two fronts. The first is Victor Martinez should never have been sent home by third base coach Dave Clark. He might as well have been Gene Lamont or Tom Brookens on that play. It's OK to push it once in awhile, but come on, Victor Martinez is a station-to-station runner. And there is no need for him to risk getting injured. Also, the Tigers are getting themselves out against Colby Lewis. He is expanding the strike zone, and they are fishing early in the count. The Tigers are at their worst when they do that.
- It's great Carlos Pena is in MLB again. Great guy. But come on, if that isn't sign the Rangers are struggling, what is? What a disaster the Prince Fielder trade has been for that franchise.
- Good for Ian Kinsler. He is a really good player, who cares about the game intensely. He has played as if he has something to prove to the Rangers for trading him. He did with that home run.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, that is great writing when you read that Kinsler really care or professional about the game. I would not be surprise if he becomes a fan favorite. I think Tigers fans do like the complete ball player over a defensive whiz like Inge or homerun hitter in Fielder.

11:13 PM 

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