Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My thoughts after 6 innings Royals, Tigers

- Drew Smyly has given the Tigers the type of start today they could have reasonably expected out of Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer the previous two days (and for a lot less money). Smyly is nothing else if not poised.
- The Royals have made several great plays in this series, the latest by left fielder Alex Gordon today. But that's not a coincidence. Last year, Gordon won his third gold glove. He is a terrific outfielder. Catcher Salvador Perez and first baseman Eric Hosmer also won Gold Gloves last season. How many Gold Glove candidates do the Tigers have?
- I have never been much for hitters just taking pitches for the sake of driving up the pitch count. The downside to taking a lot of pitches early in the count is if they are strikes, hitters are behind the 8-ball early, and it's much more difficult to recover. So I'm a proponent for seeing a good pitch and whacking at it. But I must say, even as a proponent for swinging early in the count, the Tigers have been getting themselves out remarkably easily in this series. There are times when you might want to take a pitch or two. The Tigers aren't putting pressure on pitchers to throw strikes. In a sense, they are allowing pitchers to widen the strike zone against them. It's been there biggest issue offensively.
- Omar Infante has hit a couple home runs in this series, both on high fastballs, which is his hitting zone.You'd think the Tigers' staff would be familiar enough with Infante not to throw him pitches in his wheelhouse like that.


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, maybe that is the Tigers' pitching staff saying hi to their old teammate??? Everyone knows Omar lives off fastballs. If the Royals can field and run they are going to be a problem especially if they get the pitching one through nine.

6:57 PM 

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