Thursday, June 19, 2014

A couple things about the unfortunate comments by Brad Ausmus and current plight of the Tigers

While it was a slip of the tongue and tasteless rather than sinister, there did need to be a level of accountability for what Brad Ausmus said jokingly about beating his wife following the Tigers' loss Wednesday.
But I don't see that as fining him or suspending him or anything of that sort.
The apologies - he was more extensive in that regard this morning - is enough.
Ausmus reacted properly to this, and was appropriately contrite. It will, as it should, pass.
Brad Ausmus: Appropriately contrite
- It was a story. A big one. Any perception Ausmus said what he said off the record or on background is improper. It occurred in a clear news conference setting.
I understand his comments don't represent actually what Ausmus is in any way shape or form as a person, and said so continually for four hours on my radio show on 97.1 The Ticket Wednesday, and in the column I wrote about it (see below). Yet, it would be na├»ve to act like he didn't say it.
It didn't just get out because of Twitter or an overzealous media out to play the "gotcha" game. It would have been complete and total irresponsibility to not report what Ausmus said, or to suggest the Tigers' loss was the bigger story.
- Back to the field...Ausmus said this morning the Tigers "have to make their own luck."
A big catalyst for the Tigers since 2010 has been center fielder Austin Jackson, regardless of where he hits in the batting order.
Offensively, the Tigers tend to go as Jackson goes. Ausmus has him hitting second today so he can see more fastballs hitting in front of Miguel Cabrera.
"We're way better than this," Ausmus said. "The effort and concentration are there. We work almost to a fault."
There have been a few moves he has made that Ausmus is second guessing himself about. "But nobody says anything about the ones that work," he said.
He was joking and it drew a sincere laugh rather than the nervous one yesterday.

My column on Ausmus comment:

My column on one of the greatest coaches I've ever met: "Art Paddy did more than coach football, he created magic"


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, usually well educated people are reserve and have to do research before they speak. I thought we were getting guy that does lots of research on other teams and know everything about the opposing teams. Never understood why people do not use your words to your advantage then to your disadvantage.

2:17 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

to me, this quote from Ausmus was just a product of his frustration with the team's performance. would have normally filtered out the thought without saying it. in the heat of the moment, it comes out. in emotionally charged situations, perhaps defaulting to a cliched response is best. note to self.

9:56 AM 

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