Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Lions, Vikings

- There was a lot of speculation before this game, with every possible scenario reported about how it is going to transpire for the Lions' coaching staff (which seems to be on the way out) and the front office (which seems to be safe). It's the nature of the NFL these days. Problem with "inside and unnamed" sources for reporters is they often have agendas, which are often driven by something as simple as not liking this person or that. But there are virtually no repercussions for loose reporting for the national NFL guys.  They hear it, they go with it. It's literally reported today and forgotten tomorrow, even if wrong. That speculation is all over the place speaks volumes from the standpoint of the uncertainty of how it will shake out. I do know this: There has been plenty of time for the Fords to evaluate the situation by this point. They should have their minds made up by now. What happens today should be moot.
- The Lions' offense is awful at this point. Compared to the first half of the season to now is stunning. And it's only accelerated in that regard today with Calvin Johnson out.
- Horrible open field tackling effort by the Lions' defense on Cordarrelle Patterson's long TD run. The Lions defense hasn't surrendered to the moment to the degree of the offense, but it did on that play.


Blogger Steve in Novi said...

More evidence to me that it's Calvin that makes Staffors. Without him, Stafford's a lower-third QB in this league. Can't wait to hear the phrase "former Lion Matt Stafford"

2:00 PM 

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