Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Michigan, Kansas State

-  Michigan's defense remains an obvious problem. Doesn't look like it causes much of a problem for the Kansas State offense. KSU's TD drives were just too easy. It's embarrassing, honestly. It's already taken the luster off the Shane Morris debut.
- In fairness to Devin Gardner, why didn't Al Borges, Michigan's offensive coordinator, open up the playbook like this before the Ohio State game? Yeah. The screen pass does work. Kansas State will adjust to it and it won't be long before we will see how Morris does spinning it down the field. Oh yeah, a reverse is an effective play, even if it doesn't net a lot of yardage. Running one once in a while keeps defenses from totally selling out at the point of attack. It's a lesson the Lions' forgot this season, as well.
- Justice Hayes was a 4-star recruit, Makes you wonder why it took Michigan's coaching staff so long to turn to him. I know a lot of people have lamented about the Wolverines' lack of experience in the middle of the offensive line, but they have nothing but 4-star talent at running back and offensive line. It kind of sums up the total picture of Michigan football, doesn't it?


Blogger Michael said...

Curious as to what are your thoughts on Eastern's new HC and that a lot of Dream Teamers for 2013 are going to play for the Michigan MAC schools. Never seen so many first Teamers commit to anyone other then Michigan. Is this a welcome trend?

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