Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thoughts halftime Giants, Lions

- No defending the indefensible. Horrible interception by Matthew Stafford. I never thought about writing this a month ago, but Stafford's confidence does not appear good. He seems hesitant. Jim Schwartz might have to change QBs in the second half to not only win this game, but to save his job.The last drive was disturbing, especially the interception.
- It is always something for the Lions, isn't it? An amazing fumble by Reggie Bush. Why? Becasue it is impossible to understand why it happened. It had the makings of a nice scoring drive. Instead, zippo, and the Giants getting the ball with pretty good field position. I'd say turn more to Joique Bell, but he has had the same fumbling issue
- Great play call by the Giants on the throwback screen for 13 yards and first down. It was a classic example about to use a defense's aggressiveness against it, and the timing was perfect. The Lions offense has been void of such misdirection plays lately. When was the last time they ran a reverse, for example. It used to be a staple of the offense. How about getting Jeremy Ross more involved in the offense. He seems pretty threatening.
- Only the Lions manage to get a holding penalty on a screen pass.
- Lots of love for Rochester Hills Stoney Creek's Eric Fisher, but the NFL's first overall draft pick from CMU isn't listed among Mel Kiper's Top 50 rookies and Ziggy Ansah leads NFL rookies in sacks.


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