Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Michigan, Kansas State

- Terms like "outstanding" are being thrown around a bit too much about Shane Morris tonight, at least so far. For one thing, Michigan's defense has been more of hindrance to Morris than Kansas State's when you think about it. But Morris has definitely done enough that Brady Hoke should open up the QB spot for competition this spring. He has shown better pocket presence than Devin Gardner, very good arm strength and accuracy.
- Wonder what Bo Schembechler would have thought of Jibreel Black taunting K-State QB Jake Waters after a big hit. The Wolverines were down 21-6 at the time. It was ridiculous. Michigan prides itself on not being certain things when it is, in realty, certain things. I'm surprised that aspect has seeped into its football program. Not exactly senior leadership.
- Most impressive pass of the night from Morris was a canon shot to Devin Funchess on third and long during the third quarter, but Funchess dropped the ball.
- There is so much obsession with a lefty QB because of the changes it causes to an offense, but has anybody thought that it may provide a change of pace which, in theory, should cause defenses problems.


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