Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thoughts halftime Michigan, Kansas State

- Instead of an anointment of Shane Morris as Michigan's QB this has been an indictment of the Wolverines' defense. Whatever the coaching staff is teaching the secondary about defending the ball when it is in the air is not working. Regardless of how the QB situation plays out, the Wolverines won't start winning until the secondary gets better. It was a bigger problem this season than the offensive line. The bowl game has been no different.
- The Big 12 is notorious for high-scoring shootouts. Kansas State has been there many times. This is a relatively new concept for Michigan, and it just doesn't wear well given the program's tradition. In fact, it looks awful.
- A prediction: Freshman TE Jake Butt will draw a lot of interest from the NFL some day. I think he is the Wolverines' most underrated player.


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