Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter Nebraska, Michigan

- Nebraska has an outstanding running attack (5.4 yards per carry coming into today). Michigan has a poor running attack (running backs averaging under four yards per carry). The wind is nasty today. That gives the Cornhuskers a decided edge.
-  Most of the discussion regarding concerns about Michigan earlier in the season were based on a porous defense and a turnover-plagued offense. But right now, the Wolverines offense just looks bad in overall conception. Nebraska has a mediocre defense, but is just schooling the Wolverines upfront. This isn't just about blocking. It's like the offense has totally gotten out of sync. It operates with no purpose. Michigan doesn't have the "Denard Robinson does not fit the offense" excuse anymore. Devin Gardner has good traditional QB skills. The coaching staff is not making the most of them. Look at Nebraska. The Cornhuskers came out in a no-huddle offense and trying to force the tempo. Michigan came out and what? Nothing. The Wolverines have fundamental blocking and tackling issues, no doubt, but their game plans and approach each week have been poorly conceived and are obviously lacking.
- It was smart to get the ball into the hands of Jeremy Gallon late in the quarter. It's like the Wolverines are OK, at times, with defenses taking him out of the game. How about coming up with some creative ways to get the ball in his hands? That jet sweep was a good start.
- Ameer Abdullah getting 18 yards on a third and three situation was disappointing. The good part: Michigan's defense did get off the field, albeit after allowing a field goal. It didn't go so well on the Cornhuskers second drive, though.


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