Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thoughts after 6 innings, Tigers, Red Sox ALCS Game 1

- Anibal Sanchez has pitched some tremendous games since joining the Tigers near the trade deadline in 2012, but he has never had better command of the situation than he had after five innings. It was utter brilliance. David Ortiz is one of the best clutch hitters in recent MLB history. Striking him out with one out and a runner on second in the sixth was masterful, too. But the topper was fanning Stephen Drew to end the 6th with the bases loaded. Problem is, now the Tigers have to rely on their bullpen in the late innings at Fenway Park because Sanchez is spent. It's not a good thing.
- What is it about the Tigers' tendency to run themselves out of innings? It was a base running mistake by Omar Infante to try to score from third base on a hard-hit ground ball to third base. These are type of mistakes happen over and over for the Tigers. There are no excuses or reasons for it. Just an example of bad baseball by an otherwise terrific team.
- Victor Martinez is not fast, but he does hustle. Getting down the line as quickly as he possibly on the potential double play ball in the sixth inning could prove to be a huge play in this game or this series. A lot of slow runners would not have made the same type of effort because they just figure they are too slow to prevent a double play anyway. VMart is a true pro, everything a ball player should be in regard to competitive spirit. The Tigers are so much better with him returned to their lineup.
- Although I disagreed with it at the time, I must admit it was the absolute right decision to put Jhonny Peralta on the postseason roster. The Tigers would sitting at home watching the A's face the Red Sox tonight without him, and this game would look somewhat bleak were he not in the lineup.


Blogger Robert Gladstone said...

Infante doesn't know what to do. He should have scored on the passed ball earlier with a good jump. Tried making up for that decision with another bad one on the ball to third.

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