Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Thoughts after 5 innings, A's, Tigers, Game 4, ALDS

- The decision to put Jhonny Peralta back on the roster and in left field looks genius right now. That was a huge home run, one which could turn around the series.
- The Tigers are playing well defensively tonight. It's been a big factor in the game so far. Alex Avila, Torii Hunter and Prince Fielder have all made good plays defensively. Those plays kept the game from getting out of hand and helped a comeback.
- Amazing how a pop fly single by Prince Fielder started all this.
- Doug Fister has done an excellent job of gutting  this one out. He clearly doesn't have his best stuff or command of the baseball, but he is still performing, and was doing it when it was looking its worst for the Tigers.


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