Friday, October 11, 2013

Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera difference for Detroit Tigers - again


Blogger Barry said...

Pat, I thought the difference in the series, even though it was a tough one, was a toxic combination of great pitching by the Tigers and weak hitting by the As. Mr. Beane has done everything right except the team low batting average of 257 during the season. They hit 217 in the post season. The As had speed, good D, and good pitching. I would give up the power for a higher batting average after all they play in a big ballpark. The Boston series, is the first one to the other team bullpen wins. You cannot find a better ballpark for JP to play LF than Fenway. We need José Iglesias play ss at Fenway to steal an out to help prevent the 3 run homerun. Then our huge park JP can play ss. I am also surprise at Boston team speed. They will be stealing so the Tiger pitchers have held the runners close. I hope they steal and we throw some of them out to help prevent the three run homers.

12:00 PM 
Anonymous woody said...

thru 4 and a half innings, games 4 and 5 were mirror images. leading team fueled by 2-run HR, losing team being no-hit.

at that point, the games diverged. Straily couldn't sustain his dominance thru the middle innings, Verlander could.

more than anything, the performance of these 2 pitchers determined the outcome of the series.

12:51 PM 

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