Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Thoughts after 6 2-3 innings, A's, Tigers, ALDS Game 4

- The Giants won the World Series last year after facing six elimination games. Playoff baseball can turn on a dime. We're seeing a classic example tonight. This is a great game, which could turn into a classic. It's amazing considering how it began under a such dark cloud of the Tigers' hitting slump. Certainly the crowd noise has picked up at Comerica Park.
- Victor Martinez is the consummate professional ball player. He is not only productive, but he stays in the moment and doesn't flinch under pressure. That was a clutch home run off a really good reliever, who had been throwing well.
- A's manager Bob Melvin did open himself up for criticism by bringing in lefty Sean Dolittle to start the seventh with the Tigers having so many right-handers coming up. He's a good reliever regardless, but does by far his best work against left-handed hitting.
- I have no issue with Jim Leyland bringing in Max Scherzer in the seventh inning, even if he did allow a run. There is no tomorrow. Scherzer is the Tigers' best pitcher right now. He can pitch a lot of innings in a close game. And I do believe the Tigers' bullpen is a weakness, especially the middle relievers. Justin Verlander won Game 5 at Oakland last year, so his track record is evident.
- It was a desperate plea by the A's on the fan inference on Martinez's home run. The ball was going to be a home run regardless. No Jeffrey Mayer situation there.


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