Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thoughts halftime Michigan, Penn State

- The turnovers by Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner are profoundly disappointing. He's a terrific talent, but it's almost like he turns over the ball two or three times each half. You see one extreme to the other. You know, like his brilliant run in the second quarter followed almost immediately by an inexplicable and inexcusable interception. The idea this is just his 11th start at QB and he is still inexperienced is preposterous. He is a senior (although he was redshirted and has another year in '14). He's had essentially a full season as a starting QB. He is being outplayed by Penn State's Christian Hackenberg, an 18-year-old true freshman. If Gardner doesn't stop being a turnover machine, Michigan is trouble, and the Wolverines will get waxed in East Lansing the first weekend of November.
- Michigan's pass defense is awful. They also have little pass rush. It's weird because the Wolverines have good athletes in the secondary and on the defensive line..
- Brady Hoke entered this game with a 4-4 record in the Big Ten on the road. The Wolverines' road woes have become a trend.
- Easily, the smartest and best thing the Wolverines have done lately is splitting out Devin Funchess and throwing to him a lot more. He's been the lone bright spot today for Michigan.
- The more of Derrick Green, the better for Michigan. Let him carry the mail for awhile to see what he can do. Fitzgerald Toussaint is, at best, a solid Big Ten running back. Perhaps Green is a great one. Certainly, the size-speed combination is there.


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