Sunday, October 06, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Lions, Packers

- The Lions' secondary is often maligned, but it has done an excellent job in the scoring zone today. It's no small accomplishment. A strength of the Packers' receivers is production in the scoring zone. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is a master at the back-shoulder throw. None of it is working today, at least so far, because of the coverage of the Lions' defensive backs. Conversely, letting James Jones get deep like that for an 83-yard TD play is inexcusable. A botched coverage? I'm not so sure. There was only one safety trying to bracket two receivers. Also, Rodgers had all day to throw the ball. It was a bad play, a slip on a day when the Lions' offense, without Calvin Johnson, is presenting little margin for error for the defense.
- Love the innovative play-calling by the Packers. Getting Randall Cobb into the backfield and out on the edge as a surprise maneuver was brilliant.


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