Monday, October 07, 2013

Thoughts after 3 innings A's, Tigers, ALDS, Game 3

- I'm sure there are many pointing to Miguel Cabrera's health as the reason he made the run-causing error at third base during the third inning. However, he moved relatively well to make a play earlier in the game and ripped a hit his first time up. He has hit the ball on the nose a few times in this series. His ailments are no excuse for the error. It was just a misplay.
- The A's have done a really good job of making Anibal Sanchez work for his outs. They have been patient at the plate. Throwing a constant wave of left-handed hitters helps. Sanchez's pitch count, 64 after just three innings, is alarming, though. Conversely, A's starter Jarrod Parker has  thrown just 33 pitches.
- I feel bad for Tigers fans about the start time of this game, and that it's only on the MLB Network. The television coverage of the ALDS on TBS, at least in this series, has been lacking, as well. You'd think it would be better if it were on FOX or ESPN. Also, it isn't it kind of ridiculous to start this game at 10 in the morning on the West Coast on a week day. It's not like the Bay Arena is a small media market.


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