Sunday, October 06, 2013

Thoughts at halftime Lions, Packers

- The Lions' offense without Calvin Johnson is like the Tigers' hitting attack with Miguel Cabrera ailing. It's just not the same. Detroit's defense is stepping forward today, though.
- I don't understand the thought process behind constantly throwing third-down passes short of first-down yardage, especially on out routes, and not slant passes caught in stride in which there is at least a chance to run for the necessary yards.
- That was a sweet catch by Ryan Broyles late in the second quarter. The Lions need that type of thing from him so badly today. Also, that might have been the most athleticism we've ever seen from Brandon Pettigrew on his reception late in the period. It was stunning, really, considering how plodding Pettigrew usually looks when he receives the ball in space. Kris Durham should have held onto that one pass, although, I will say in his defense, he does seem to be the one player the NFL allows to be speared without a penalty ensuring.
- Great field goal by David Akers. He just drilled a 53-yarder. Is that same kicker who was so lame against the Cardinals? Hard to believe.
- Fifth-round draft choice Sam Martin has been increasingly impressive as the Lions' punter. I wasn't so sure it was a good selection on draft day, but it definitely appears like it was wise a move now. It does, however, seem like every team the Lions face has a better return specialist than Michael Spurlock.
-  The Packers' wide receivers are terrific. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb have both made outstanding catches in this game. James Jones is a top player, who caught 14 TD passes last season. Nelson is particularly underrated. He has an excellent combination of size, speed and body control.


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