Saturday, October 05, 2013

Thoughts halftime Minnesota, Michigan

- Minnesota's doing the type of things necessary to give Michigan problems today. The Gophers are controlling the clock. They pinned the Wolverines against the goal line with a punt. They haven't turned the ball over. However, this is a team Michigan matches up with well. The Wolverines should win this game rather handily, in my opinion. It's a matter of Michigan opening up their offense a bit and getting a turnover or two. Minnesota will probably self-destruct at some point. Unlike the last home game and Akron, the Gophers' passing game is not constructed for a comeback.
- Two weapons I don't think the Wolverines make enough use of are tight end Devin Funchess and wide receiver Jehu Chesson. Gardner did target those two a bit more at the end of the first half, hitting Funchess a couple times, once with a pretty TD toss. It should become a habit because it will eventually pay off. They are Michigan's most gifted receivers.
- The Wolverines' special teams since Brady Hoke has been head coach have been decidedly average. They haven't broken a lot of big plays, nor allowed a lot of big plays against. You'd think, however, with Michigan's celebrated recruiting classes, they'd find a game-breaking returner. Drew Dileo and Dennis Norfleet are just OK.


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