Saturday, October 05, 2013

Thoughts after 1st quarter, Minnesota, Michigan

- Michigan's defense has not looked good against strong-armed quarterbacks this year, but there is a different element in this game. Minnesota QB Mitch Leidner isn't much of a downfield passer, but he is a very good runner. He's like a big tailback at QB, kind of a more limited version of Jordan Lynch of Northern Illinois, and Tim Tebow when he played at Florida. He presents a unique challenge for the Wolverines' defense. You saw that on the long drive at the end of the quarter which tied the game at seven.
- Michigan's first drive was impressive. Minnesota's defense is particularly vulnerable to a solid inside running game. Mark Weisman, Iowa's tailback, tore up the Minnesota defense last week. Wolverines are presenting more of the same.
- Minnesota coach Jerry Kill missing this game because of seizures is going to hurt the Gophers, obviously, but there also could an inspiring element to it.


Anonymous Andy in Oscoda. said...

Like you I was impressed with the big chunks of yards on the running plays. Still waiting to see how Gardner will pass today. Hope he protects the ball. 9 interception??? Yikes! Look for Blake Countess to do something big!

4:11 PM 

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