Friday, October 04, 2013

Thoughts after 6 innings, Tigers, A's ALDS Game 1

- Simply put, a horrible decision to send Victor Martinez home on Omar Infante's hit to right field. The ball was hit hard, Josh Reddick has a strong throwing arm and Victor Martinez is a painfully slow runner at this point of his career. There was only one out at that point. It wasn't a difficult play. It was simply the Tigers' running themselves out of potentially big inning.
- Oakland did an excellent job of driving Max Scherzer's pitch count up. It's not Scherzer's fault. He is throwing strikes early in the count, but the A's are forcing him to get them out, rather than getting themselves out. Looks like the Tigers' bullpen will get tested tonight. The A's are known for their propensity to rally in the late innings.


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