Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thoughts after 3rd quarter Bears, LIons

- Each week, Nadamukong Suh seems to play better. He is doing what the best defensive linemen in the NFL are known for doing, imposing his will on this game. He is giving rookie Bears' guard Kyle Long fits. He has had a sack. Suh has forced a fumble. He has done a terrific job of rattling Chicago QB Jay Cutler, who has typically lost his composure under pressure.
- The Lions' offense can't sit on leads. The turnover in the scoring zone late in the third quarter was beyond disappointing. The Bears are capable of coming back. Stalled drives are not the best sign. The Lions' defense did do a good job of holding the Bears to a field goal after QB Jay Cutler hit wide receiver Alshon Jeffery with a long pass along the right sideline.  But the best defense at this stage of the game is an offense moving the chains. From that standpoint, the third quarter wasn't good one for the Lions. The good part. They moved 15 minutes off the clock with a big lead and outscored the Bears 7-3, thanks to the defense.
- Reggie Bush's 12-yard run late in the third quarter looked a lot like something from Barry Sanders' playbook in the 1990s. It was elusive open-field running at its best. Bush is having a tremendous game.
- The Lions defense is so much better this year than last year its remarkable. The turnovers are not a fluke.
- Sam Martin is punting the ball better as this game moves on. His 50-yard in the third quarter was an excellent directional boot with a lot of hang time. The Lions are containing Devin Hester well so far.


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