Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts halftime Lions, Redskins

- The good news is the Lions forced another turnover during the second quarter on a Chris Houston interception. Not taking away the ball might have been their biggest weakness last year during a 4-12 season. The bad news is the Lions did not take advantage of the turnover. No points. The Redskins were like a tree about ready to fall at the time. They would have gone down fairly early in this game, if the Lions were able to put enough pressure on them. They didn't after getting the lead. Now the Redskins have come back. It's very much a ball game. Not sure it should be.
- The Lions have a sold defensive line, but Jason Jones is a big part of it. If his apparent injury is serious, it will be very hurtful.
- Willie Young accumulates a ridiculous number of penalties,. Is there ever a game when he doesn't get flagged for at least one? Enough of the cheap shots from Nick Fairley, too.
- Count me among those who think the Lions should target Joseph Fauria far more than Brandon Pettigrew. It does seem like he has much better hands, especially on high passes tossed into the end zone. His second quarter TD reception today was a repeat of a similar scoring play during the season opener vs. Minnesota.
- Anybody notice Stafford threw the TD pass to Fauria while throwing off his back foot? It's a throw he has made many times successfully, yet is often unjustifiably criticized for doing.
- The Packers did the exact same thing to the Redskins' secondary with the slant pattern. They are so unsure in the secondary, the Redskins are playing an incredibly loose zone, with exception of DeAngelo Hall in press coverage on Calvin Johnson. The Lions, to their credit, are taking full advantage of it.


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