Thursday, September 26, 2013

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland deserves more credit than he gets


Anonymous woody said...

my default thinking is that mlb managers' impact on a team's performance is mostly exaggerated. greatest impact is made by GM bringing talent to the roster.

it seems the key managerial decisions this season were determining a closer and how to most effectively use Smyly. i believe Valverde's return was at Leyland's request. it proved to be a poor choice. Leyland did however make an important early season decision to place Smyly into critical late situations.

Leyland does regularly rotate his bench into the starting lineup which seems to be a plus. Pena, Kelly, and Santiago all contributed to the team's success down the stretch.

This veteran team needed a steady navigator and Leyland has been that.

8:15 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Woody. A manager lives or dies with the horses that a GM gives him. Look at Gandenshire from Minny. He's a really good manager but cannot win.

Leyland is a top 10 manager but is old-time and plays by the stats but leaves in starters a bit too long to save his relievers to the team's detriment.

Also he gets stressed at the end of season or in tight situations that infuses his team.

His lefty/righty tactics seem a bit too much.

But overall, he's pretty good.

More credit, I dunno.

1:48 PM 

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